Last week we hosted a day by the sea in the lovely Margate . We started with a (very chic) beach clean, then a visit to the arcades! Our By Alona muses, were kitted out in a selection of pieces from our Island Odyssey collection, which perfectly suited the seaside vibes.

Images above : Rosie wearing the Darya necklace, Galia earrings in the sand, Patricia wearing the Octavia necklace and Lisa wearing the Carlotta necklace,  litter picking the Calypso necklace

The day also included a shop at the Turner Contemporary gallery, followed by a stunning lunch at Sargasso.

Images above: Francesca wearing the Carlotta necklace and Silver Galia earrings, Anisha wearing the Cove necklace and Odyssey earrings.

We finished off the day with an interesting walk through the Shell Grotto, a unique discovery from 1835, the curving walls are filled with 4.6 million shells of all shapes and sizes.

Images above: Galia earrings, Laylani necklace, Sam wearing the large Galia earrings with the Calypso necklace and the Kai necklace, Rosie wearring the Darya with the large Galia earrings

The perfect trip to celebrate our new collection for summer 🌞