If you are planning on investing in your best statement outfit, look no further. Including chain necklaces in your jewellery box is probably one of the best ideas you will have this year, and we are here to help you find the best style for you. 
Our handy guide will help you understand all the available options, so you can choose the best design to complement your 'everyday' or 'going out' outfit. Nonetheless, this trend is great if you want to experiment and have fun, as combining different type of chains will give you such a luxe layered look, that everyone will be talking about it.  



For those of you who like to show your shiny personality, this type of chain is a contemporary way to wear these precious stones. Adding some opulence to every single outfit, and giving a twist to the classic multi-link chain, these diamond combinations are extremely modern and the perfect piece for your evening outfit.
Wear your Celeste Rhinestone necklace with its bracelet set below:



A delicate clip chain necklace is probably the most versatile option, as this subtle choice will be perfect for your every day outfit. 

You can elevate the look by adding some layers and perfect combos sets to these delicate chains and make a powerful and subtle statements.

Wear your Erin choker and Erin necklace with its bracelet set below:



The Figaro chain is a cable chain with flattened links that are not uniform in size, therefore they vary in size and thickness that is often also used in men's jewellery. 

This type of necklace is perfect for a slightly more statement every day look, as it's slightly chunkier but at the same time, perfect for timeless outfits. This beautifully crafted chain is perfect to be layered and achieve the perfect chic, casual, but also extremely elegant outfit you are looking for. 

Wear your Nazah necklace and Sylvie necklace with their anklet set below:



Mixed-link chain necklaces have been elevated to luxurious new levels, due to its delicate, lightweight and fun finish in elongated chains. 

These pieces will make your outfit truly unique and you will always be on the hunt for mixed-link chains, because you will know that in reality they are basically like a piece of art. 




Chunky, big and bold. How much of a statement do you want to make with your necklace? 

Oversized chain necklaces are your best ally if you are looking to create a statement outfit and stand out. Add a touch of luxe which is also easy incorporated into your everyday looks. Well, to be honest, into every single look. 


Wear your Celeste necklace with its bracelet set below: