There is an art to wearing too many rings, and luckily for you, we want to share the rules and tips. Here is your guide to wearing too many rings using our collection. Try as many as you can to find the style that suits you. Get the look by clicking on the images below.
1. If you're wearing lots of different rings, keep the metals the same for some cohesion. 
2. Layer your rings with other jewellery. Stack with bracelets and necklaces for full effect. 
3. Be the on trend fashionista and stack your rings sideways. Create the knuckleduster look without the heaviness of one ring.
4. Use different colours for something a bit more unique. We love that silver and gold can compliment eachother when stacking. 
5. Try wearing one statement ring and complimenting it with others around it.
6. Some rings are so good you want to wear them more than once. Don't be afraid to wear one of the same ring on each finger. 
8. Why have one statement ring when they all could be? Have a variety of weight and thicknesses. 
9. And of course, last but not least, have nice nails to match! 
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