Valentines day is usually met with rolled eyes, and for some it s a constant reminder that you’re not in a relationship, but this year we should celebrate it more than ever. In a time of increasing divisiveness and aggression, people are seeking out safe spaces to simply take a breath and recharge their emotional batteries. So what can be wrong with celebrating a day of love at a time when we feel like the world is falling apart! If there is a day dedicated to love in our calendars, why wouldn’t we celebrate it.

Spreading love is great not only for other half,  the value of Valentine’s Day is a time to honor your best friend or friends, and even a friendly smile to the stranger on the train. The yearning of the 'feel good' factor can be seen via the rise in the 'poets of Instagram' trend.

Contemporary poets are on the rise, such as Rupi Kaur, who has over 2 million instagram followers, sold out tours and book releases, and New Zealand-based Lang Leav, who writes on love and heartbreak, has almost half a million followers. Instapoets write for a generation that can’t be bothered with the stamp of literary cred. People are feeling that poetry is more powerful and relatable than ever, as long as your poetry is simple, and compels one to feel or think.

Maybe you will get inspired to write your loved one a poem.


Rupi Kaur bestselling author and illustrator of two poetry books.


Lang Leav is an international bestselling author.


Topher Kearby is a writer and a poet, who has amazing art and poetry books.


Nikita Gill is a London based poet and visual artist who has three books published.

 Christopher Poindexter is a poet who already has 2 books published, his second book, Lavender, is an intricate portrait of love in all its forms and phases. The images and words weave a story of self redemption, one of learning how to shed the skin of the past in order to appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer. 

Liz Newman Writer who has recently realised her debut poetry book 'Hope between heartbeats'


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