Whether you're in an relationship or not it's always nice to celebrate love... no? Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily need to be about the love that's shared solely among couples. We've evolved past that singular, old-fashioned definition of love with the creation of things like Galentine's Day, as well as our changing thoughts about the necessity of relationships. It's 2019 and by now, we know that healthy, fulfilling love isn't an exclusive club for those in monogamous, committed typical relationships.

To help spread the love we have put together a little quiz to help you decide what to spoil your loved ones with. Tally up what letter you get the most of for your result.

1. Is your BAE:

A. Current fling

B. Wifey 

C. Galentine (a celebration of female friendship, FYI :) 

D. Me, myself and I (If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?)




2. Is your BAE:

A. Cute but crazy

B. A true romantic 

C. Too cool for school

D. Fries before guys




3. Which best describes your BAE:

A. Sexy senorita

B. Uptown girl

C. Retro babe

D. Basic bitch


4. If your BAE was a cocktail they would be...

A. Margarita! 

B. Fresh fruit bellini

C. Cosmopolitan 

D. Vesper Martini (shaken, stirred, whatever!) 


5. On a Friday your BAE can be found... 

A. Out at the latest hot spot opening 

B. Hosting a dinner party for friends

C. Having a girls night in 

D. Out partying until 3am




6. Which best describes your dream date with BAE?

A. A cocktail making class

B. A picnic in the park (strawberries and cream included)

C. Going shopping together (Retail therapy!)

D. A trip to the cinema


Now, add up all your answers to find your most common letter. The results are in... click on items to shop.


Just because your latest bae is new on the scene doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make a good impression. Think stylish, bold accessories that wouldn't go amiss at the latest party or on your upcoming date. 




Wifey Material. You'll want to keep this bae close, they've probably already sorted your Valentine's Day plans so make sure you have the perfect gift to match. Our Verona necklace has been updated with a red garnet stone for Valentines Day, making it the perfect gift for someone close. 



Another year another Galentine, make sure you treat the special gal in your life to something you know she'll love. Think friendship bracelets or our Lost & Found headband for nostalgic school bestie vibes. 



Some say diamonds are a girls best friend but we disagree, this season we're all about delicate, freshwater pearls. If you're planning on treating yourself this Valentine's Day opt for a bold,stoned accessory to ensure that this is the best gift you've receive all year round. (After all you just know yourself so well!)