After Christmas, everyone is plagued by that extra bulge around their waistlines, gloomy, wet and rainy weather and the tumbleweeds rattling through their bank accounts. Feeling the affects of Blue Monday, we have a few things that will hopefully make you feel more productive and happy.


1.Get up when your alarm clock goes off

This year, we want you to get more sleep! One of the ways you can ensure that happens more often is by creating a nightly ritual, once in a routine getting up when your alarm goes off will be a part of that.


2. Try and squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise

Starting off with 10 minutes a day is better than no exercise at all, start of small until you want to move on to 30 minutes then maybe even 1 hour. 

3. Travel somewhere new

You don’t have to go very far, a day trip to somewhere nearby that you’ve never been before is enough to shake up your comfort zone. It’s these experiences that make your life richer.

4.Start a gratitude journal

One way to inject more joy into your year? Start each day with a gratitude reflection. What are you grateful for? What makes you happy? Focus on the good to improve your mood, and your physical health will follow suit.


5. Declutter your home/office car monthly

This year get that cupboard, draw or whole room that you have been putting off decuttering. Put stuff in to piles for charity, rubbish and what you want to keep. 


6. Connect better with family and friends

How often do you put off spending time with your family or friends because you’re “busy?” We all have things to do and deadlines to meet.

7.Stay offline one day a week (start with a few hours)

You don't have to break up with technology (that's too far), but this year, do small things to unplug and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, and your environment. Maybe just give yourself a few more minutes in the morning before you reach for your phone, or don't charge your phone next to your bed. You could even do a tech-free Sunday each week to truly let go. The world is your iPhone-free oyster.


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