Building an excellent capsule jewellery collection takes time and patience. Looking at what you already have – and what you might be missing – is a good place to start, but seeing this blue sky and uninterrupted sunshine makes us want to celebrate the impact of this beautiful summer weather in our mindsets (and wardrobe). And what's the best way to celebrate? Well of course, by celebrating our favourite By Alona's hero pieces
These are our classic staples that you have always wanted to add to your basket, the pieces that you have seen in all the it-girl's Instagram feed and that you can not get enough of.
Items that are perfect for adding interest and elevate your favourite basics; perfect to be worn in all of your summer's events, but also absolutely perfect for season-transitioning. Investing in unique, key and essential pieces is the future of shopping. This is why, if you want to update your jewellery box with our hero pieces, which will stand the test of time, you have come to the right place to achieve this just perfectly.
(Featured pieces from left to right: Luana necklace, Lillie necklace & Ad Astra ring)
(Featured pieces from left to right: Koa necklace, Amary Rhinestone earrings & Malu necklace)

The from-beach-to-bar piece

Summer calls for new pieces of jewellery that capture summer's carefree and relaxed spirit. When choosing summer jewellery, we sometimes may go for a more casual ready-to-wear pieces that are suited for travel, but adding exotic colours, organic textures and using under the water treasures is a must-do! 
The summer season is the perfect excuse to explore and engage with natural fresh-water pearls, shells and semi-precious stones. 
We love to re-discover the lost treasures of the Mediterranean sea and wrap ourselves up with minerals from the Earth to become more connected with the world around us, but also elevate our look at the same time. 


(From left to right: Naia Pearl necklaceAmary Pearl earringsPua necklace & Koa necklace)

The forever-perfect set

The right jewellery can elevate any look, but jewellery sets feel ultra luxe, adding that extra something with their unique chunkiness but effortless elegance. This is why it goes without saying, that you do not need a reason to purchase a forever-perfect set, as they are simply a must-have.
These flawless, versatile and co-ordinated looks are perfect to be worn every day, which is an extra reason to invest in great jewellery, or even buy it for someone special, as they will be full of memories and they will convert to a reminder of a specific time in your life.



(From left to right: Lillie necklace with Lillie bracelet, Lana choker with Lana bracelet & Taylor necklace with Taylor bracelet)

The ones that everyone should have

Let's talk about the essentials, the pieces that never go out of style, the classics that achieve that truly iconic look. Basically the ones that everyone should have!
Having an iconic piece of jewellery is the perfect treat and will always be a wise investment, and that doesn't mean that you need to splash-out all your money.

The below selection are the favourite between the it-girls, including the Fashion Director at Threads styling, Hannah Lewis; the Creative Director at Møy Atelier, Betty Bachz; and the American model, Emily Ratajkowski.


(From left to right: Naomi necklaceJupiter earrings, Demi necklace & Gaia ring)

The going, going, gone...

Our Verona necklace, Aeolian necklace, Soleil necklace and Small Panarea earrings need no presentation. You may have already started to collect some timeless essentials that you can wear for years to come, but your jewellery collection will never be completed without adding these classic pieces. These are in our hero list for a reason, they will ensure that you're staying on-trend for years to come. And truth be told, you need to be quick when getting these items, as they can be sold out within days of being re-stocked. 
Don't blame us, we get it! How could you not love them? They are versatile, timeless and a true delight to accessorise with; you will feel empowered, beautiful and confident from the inside-out.

(From left to right: Verona necklaceAeolian necklace, Soleil necklace & Small Panarea earrings)

The available in every colour

Jewellery is currently going through a joyful period of coloured gemstones, these cheerful colours are a morale-booster for all of us. But they have also become the perfect way to symbolise optimism and express different feelings, with women increasingly choosing colorful pieces and statement-making gems that challenge the traditional and add the perfect edge.
Coloured gemstones are a great way to find something unique that will make you stand out from the crowd and reflects your own personality and style. So whether you add sparkle to your hands every day or save one statement piece for a glitzy event, these pieces are perfect for the luxe girl in all of us…

(From left to right: Juliette ring with mother of pearl, Juliette ring with malachite, Juliette ring with pink opal & Juliette ring with lapis lazuli