(Illustrations by Laura Berger)
We have always been supporters of strong women, and as a brand have always believed in empowering women to have the freedom in life to do and become whatever you want. But imagine you were in a situation where that freedom was taken away, and you no longer had the confidence or belief in yourself and your whole world crumbled around you. This is what Domestic Violence does, and it can happen to anyone. 
This season we would like to give back by donating 10% of the proceeds of each order to Woman's Trust (registered UK charity number 1143513).
London based charity, Woman's Trust, work tirelessly to help these women to rebuild their lives in a safe environment. 

Domestic violence is a crime. We all have a role to play in ending it.

We thank you, our customers in advance, for being part of our mission and have provided further details below.

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Facts & Figures about Domestic Violence

  • Two women are killed every week due to domestic violence in the UK
  • It is estimated that one in four women will experience domestic violence at some time in her life
  • One incident is reported to the police every minute (Stanko, 2000)
  • Domestic violence and other abuse is the most common cause of depression and other mental
    health difficulties in women
  • 50-60% of patients using mental health services are affected by DV and over 20% will be currently abused
  • 18% of women affected are suicidal
  • 64% have post traumatic stress disorder (range of symptoms numbing of emotions, flashbacks, anger avoidance, hyperarousal, depression, substance misuse)
  • 19% of women experiencing domestic violence misuse or depend on alcohol (compared to 5-8% of women in general)
  • Women being abused are more likely to use drugs other than alcohol
  • Other psychological impacts of domestic violence include anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, sleep disturbances, somatic symptoms, social phobia, panic attacks, damage to confidence and self-esteem


Woman's Trust Client testimonials:

“One of the hardest things going through an abusive relationship is the isolation you feel.  The feeling that people can’t relate to you or can’t understand what you are going through. I found a great support system with friends and family, and I will forever be grateful for their attention and love. But when I went to the support groups, I felt like I finally found the support I needed. This group showed me that it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to feel helpless; but we are also reminded that we have each other, and that we are in a room where no one judges each other. At the end of each session I felt this sense of calm in me; as if I had let out all the worries that I had kept inside of me, just bubbling inside.  Just when you think you are the one ‘going crazy’ you are reminded that we are just hurt. I wish only the best to all the women I met in the support groups.  They have been a great influence in my life.  I am also incredibly thankful to the counsellor who showed compassion like no one else I had met before. These groups were my escape and they have allowed me to finally have some closure for this terrible event in my life.”


“I couldn’t have found a path forwards without my counsellor’s gentle questioning and perceptive comments. I’m learning to make big decisions on my own, regardless of how others would prefer me to think. I’m learning how to deal with set-backs constructively and grow in confidence about my own judgement. This has given me the peace and relief I never had.”