We are delighted to introduce our newest collection, The Babylon. 
For this collection, we have created strong silhouettes and statement pieces that take centre stage. A fusion of nostalgia and contemporary flair. 
The campaign was shot as the fabulous Zephyr in London's' Notting hill.
Model : @tamroyd
Photographer : @milianeyes
The Babylon means a lot to us and we hope that you love this collection as much as we do!
The Sloane earrings & the Cara necklace in gold. 
The Circe set.
The Azure necklace, the Azure bracelet and the Belize earrings.
The Camille necklace and Leona pearl earrings.
The Freya necklace and Easton hoops. 
The Kim Pave necklace and the Hailey earrings.
The Marin necklace, the Rio necklace and the Sadie earrings.
The Hailey necklace and the Grace earrings. 
The Halston necklace and the Easton Hoops.
The Grace necklace and Easton hoops.
The Aiden pearl necklace, the Aiden necklace, the Ammonite necklace, the Adella necklace and the Easton hoops.
The Silas necklace, the Orel necklace, the Ezra earrings.
The Nixie necklace, the Nixie bracelet, the Nixie earrings and the Daisy necklace.
The Chiara pearl necklace, the Chiara necklace and the Panarea Pave earrings.
We hope you love wearing the pieces as much as we loved creating them for you!