Although to most November simply represents the last month of Autumn, when we say bitter hello to our winter coats that have been gathering dust in the back of our wardrobes and a sweeter hello to the Christmas party invitations that start flooding in. We must not forget, November is also month of the Scorpio.

Welcome Scorpio season, get an insight into who this star-sign gets along with best, top traits and what you most definitely should not buy a Scorpio...unless you want to get stung.

What are the traits of a Scorpio? 

Scorpio's are born during the darker time of the year, from October 20th - November 20th. Despite Scorpios star symbol The fiery Scorpion, they can be surprisingly emotional. Scorpios put their heart first and are some of the most passionate people you will meet, they love to feel in love, flirt and don't do things casual. 

Do you have that one friend who has a hobby or belief that they can not be swayed or debated on? Yeah, they're likely a Scorpio. Scorpio's are highly loyal, whether this is to their beliefs, plans, friends or lovers, Scorpios are the most reliable of all friends and you can be assured that they will not cancel plans last minute. However due to this fiercely loyal trait, do not hurt someone close to a Scorpio, if you hurt their friends you have hurt them and you will swiftly gain yourself a new enemy and their sting can hurt.

Due to their strategic outlook on life Scorpios can work their charm and love to be the centre of attention. 

Scorpio friends can be identified as the most curious of friends, their meticulous attention to detail and ability to plan makes plans a no-fail - Scorpios know all the best restaurants and night outs!

Mercury in Retrograde 

The Scorpio season also brings with it the return of Mercury in retrograde, for the last time this year (thank God!) Mercury will go retrograde and pass the Earth, bringing with it an array of confusion and forgetfulness. 

Make sure you keep your diary close to you this month, and double check any contracts or dates before agreeing to anything. Backing up your phone wouldn't go amiss too. Guide yourself with good vibes through the retrograde by wearing an evil eye to protect yourself from Mercury's wrath. 

Although Scorpios are known for their attention to detail and planning perfection, go easy on them this month if something doesn't quite go to plan.

Famous Scorpios 

To get an insight to the Scorpio personality traits, the typical Scorpio celebrities include... 
Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsey. 

Who gets on best with a Scorpio? 

Scorpios are very loyal so relationships are important to them. Scorpios can often be found in a romantic or intense relationship with Aries due to their committed natures. 
Scorpios, part of the water sign also connect well with the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces - do not upset these three when together! 

What to buy a Scorpio baby...

Scorpio's love attention to detail, so something personal and showing that you've been listening to what their latest interests are always goes down well.

Make things really personal by treating a Scorpio to a piece of jewellery featuring their birthstone. Scorpio's birthstone is citrine, identifiable by its bright orange and yellow hues. Similar to the Scorpio the citrine is fiery and is said to promote longevity, health and healing. 

For the more astrological and mystical of Scorpios, opt for jewellery with the all-seeing magical eye to promote good vibes and protect them during Mercury retrograde. 

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