The mysteries and unrivalled beauty of the ocean is something that we have the great privilege of witnessing. With this we need to make sure we all make an effort to preserve the seas natural wonders for future generations to come. 

Oceans are detrimental to all life on earth and with some of life’s most incredible marine creatures coming under threat with changes in climate and cultures, the time to act has never been more important. 

You may think someone needs to do something about this, well you are some one. With the threat to our oceans growing day by day here’s a few simple steps you can take in your daily routine to do your part in saving our seas...

Ditch the straw

(And any other single use plastics).

Did you know that in three decades the worlds oceans will contain more plastic than fish (measured in weight)? Plastic often ends up as ocean debris and causes major destruction to the waters, beaches and is hazardous to sea life.
You can limit your impact by simply reducing your use of single-use and throwaway plastics. Try switching to a reusable cup or water bottle, material makeup removal pads or reusable shopper bags – with so many cute printed options nowadays who wants to be seen with a Starbucks cup anymore anyway?  

Here our some of our favourites:


Be A Beach Babe

Planning a trip to the seaside this summer? Take care of your surroundings during your visit and make sure you clean up after yourself when you leave, encourage those around you to also leave the beach just as they found it.

You can definitely enjoy the wonders of the beach without causing harm, be sure not to move rocks in rock pools, corals or sea life when exploring.

We love this movement in California which gets people together to clean up the beaches: 


Recycle Recycle Recycle!

Worldwide only 10-13% of items are recycled. Although almost half of our plastic intake is disposable. Get educated on what can and cannot be recycled and make the effort to recycle those that can.

Did you know you pay an additional 30% on your food for packaging which you only ever use once, and it never bio-degrades. Speak up and tell your local supermarkets to make the switch to ethical or recyclable packaging!

What we do: we always have a double bin to make recycling easy - get yours here.

We are in contact with Greenpeace who are pushing supermarkets to stop using plastic - we have signed and shared petitions and emailed CEO's of supermarkets to add pressure, you can do it to by signing up to Greenpeace's petition here:


Buy Ethical Sea Pieces

We love the sea so much that understandably we want to adorn pieces of our trips and travels on our clothing and jewellery.
Keep educated of the pieces that can exploit sea life; sometimes sea-themed jewellery can cause harm to the sea without us realising. Avoid certain products that contribute to the harm of coral reefs and marine life – stay away from shark teeth, coral and turtle pieces.
All of our BY ALONA shell and sea inspired pieces are 100% ethical and cause no harm! 😊

We continue to donate 10% of proceeds of sales to ocean conservation charities. Here is a list of 15 brave organisations fighting to save out oceans!

So read more about the Ocean and its importance check out our article 'Ocean Facts'