We continue our journey from an Italian Love Story in the South of Italy to our new collection of hidden treasures inspired by the shapes, light and movement of the picturesque Aeolian Islands, the volcanic island chain north of Sicily.

Welcome to Lost and Found.

"The late afternoon sunlight bounces and glints off the majestic coastline of each Aeolian Island. A burst of sparkle darting from the calm and crystal-clear waters, the curvature of the seashore and the irregular forms of the magnificent cliffs. The night brings promise of twinkling lights and fashionable flurry, but her eye is caught by a unique glimmer from the volcanic gravel. The light catches and glistens within the grooves and crests of the organic shapes of each piece within The Lost and Found Collection, unearthed from the stunningly historic islands of which provide the very same lightshow"



 With influencer Jordan Grant as the face of the collection, you'll witness organic shapes and crests that echo the very islands that inspire them. Playing with light, reflection and shape your piece will glisten in the sunlight, eye-catching in the truest sense of the word.



 With breath-taking beauty at a variety of chunky and dainty chains, beads and stones, the Lost and Found necklaces come in a selection of noteworthy lengths. Perfect for layering and à la mode, you won’t have to choose just one divine piece to be up to date with the latest jewellery trends.






 Last but not least we are pleased to introduce our first ever hair accessory, the Lost and Found headband. 
Hand-crafted, the Lost and Found headband is wrapped in a plush black velvet and adorned with decorative freshwater baroque pearls.The pearls which are said to signify sincerity and bring wisdom add a touch of everyday elegance to the wearer. Positioned diagonally on the band, these milky white pearls are designed to luminate and frame the face.
A feminine yet playful addition to the collection.

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