A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s month of birth, each month and each zodiac sign is represented by a different, brightly coloured, precious gem. Wearing your birthstone is believed to bring you good fortune and to intensify you as a person. 
Though June is known for having three birthstones, pearls are the most desirable because of their natural, timeless beauty. The pearl symbolizes integrity, innocence, grace, love, happiness, and success. And they are believed to bring the wearer wisdom and protection, sooth their emotions and help them find their true-self.
Pearls are truly unique, they come in an array of different colours, however white pearl is the most common and best-known. Also, they are the worlds oldest gems and the only gemstones made by living creatures, making them the most organic gemstones. They are formed when a mollusc produces calcium carbonate around irritants such as grains of sand that get lodged in their shells.

Due to the unique way a pearl is born, and the nurture and nourishment it takes
to create them, they are considered one of the most highly valued gemstones.
Luckily for the June babies today, pearls are one of our favourites gemstones to use at By Alona. And we have created a list with our favourite, most unique, selections to buy this month.

Fresh-water pearls

Freshwater pearls are the product of mussels that inhabit freshwater lakes and rivers. Freshwater pearls can be round or irregular in their shapes, like the ones used in our Avery necklace, which uses flat as well as round fresh-water pearls.


Keshi pearls

Keshis are all natural because there is no nucleus inside, meaning the Keshi pearl is nothing but pure nacre. Because nacre is precious material, Keshi pearls are highly prized and all natural Keshi pearls are unique treasures of rare and precious material.


Mother of pearl

Both pearl and mother of pearl gemstones are made of nacre, but mother of pearl specifically forms the inner layer of some shells. Due to its unique material and iridescent sheen, mother of pearl is normally used in larger designs created as focal pieces. Which is why it was the perfect choice for our stunning Eva necklace.