Exactly 100 years since the founding of De Stijl we bring you a new collection inspired by this movement.
De Stijl (meaning style in Dutch) was a circle of Dutch abstract artists who promoted a style of art based on a strict geometry of horizontals and verticals. 
We pay homage to these innovative artists which include; Piet Mondrian, Marlow Moss, Max Bill, Vilmos Huszar and Theo Doesburg.
Using highly polished sterling silver and 18k gold plating, together with stones such as Malachite and Goldstone, this collection fuses the modernity of clean lines, together with references of a past era.


Photographer - Olivia Richardson, Hair - Nicole Kahlani, Make up - Danielle Kahlani, Model - Julia at M&P, Styling - Alona Shelemy.