We are excited to announce our collaboration on an exclusive capsule collection with Hannah Lewis, a fashion director and stylist, known for her impeccable taste and a distinct focus on minimalist fashion for her personal style.

Hannah's minimalist style is characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and a refined colour palette. She embraces the "less is more" philosophy, emphasizing quality over quantity and favoring timeless pieces that transcend trends. Her ability to create effortlessly chic ensembles with minimal elements and using jewellery to elevate her look has made Hannah a natural fit for a collaboration with By Alona.

Beyond her work as a stylist and fashion director, Hannah Lewis has become a source of inspiration via her looks on social media where she inspires her audience on how to cultivate a minimalist wardrobe and create polished looks with ease.

Our collaboration has merged Hannah's monochromatic modern style with Alona's more statement design to create unique yet wearable pieces you won't take off. 

Get to know Hannah in our interview below:

1. How long have you worked in the fashion industry?

I've worked in the industry for over 10 years as a fashion Stylist. I spent most of my early years across various magazines until I was Shopping Editor at InStyle UK. I then moved to Net-a-Porter and then to Threads Styling where I am today as Fashion Director. 


2. How would you describe your style? and what are your go to brands?

I tend to dress on the minimalist side and often gravitate towards simple, masculine shapes and then style in a feminine way. My go to brands are The Frankie Shop, Annie Bing, Toteme and then Prada or Bottega Veneta for accessories.  

 Hannah wearing our NELLIE earrings and ERIN choker


3. Do you feel that jewellery elevates your look? If so, how?

Because I dress super minimal and often oversized I feel jewellery is often the hero part of my look. A simple white tank and denim can go from plain to super cool with gold chain layering of the right pieces. 

 Hannah wearing our DEMI, AMELIA & CITY necklaces

4. What makes By Alona x Hannah Lewis the perfect collab?

I’ve naturally worn By Alona pieces for a while now as she’s my go-to brand for gold chains and vintage-style chunky earrings. The brand is a great price point if you want something that will last and is unique but won’t break the bank so when I was asked to work together it felt so natural! 

 Hannah wearing our LYANA necklace


5. What are your style hacks?

  • There can only be one hero to your look - so for example if that’s a striped pj style pant, just style back to a plain tee to keep it looking effortless. 

  • Really consider proportions - this one’s tricky but key! 

  • Mixed metals ARE a thing 

  • Invest in good basics + jewellery 


6. Which piece from the collab will you be wearing most?

Right now I’m based in NYC so I go between the City choker and The Amelia everyday. But I’m also soon to be on holiday in Europe so I’ll be living in the Scorpios beaded chain.

  Hannah wearing the SCORPIOS necklace
 Hannah wearing the AMELIA necklace
 Hannah wearing HANNAH'S TRIO earrings and the CITY choker


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