Bettina is fast becoming a fashion favourite. Since beginning her career by sourcing and styling the world’s most coveted pieces for her discerning clients, Bettina has become the voice they turn to when making any fashion choices. Having recently won Cosmopolitans best fashion influncer of the year.


 Alona has taken Bettina’s inspiration to create a collection which fuses her hometown and favourite colours, together with the brand’s love of symbols that bring on luck and protection to create four stunning neo-equestrian pieces of jewellery, and come in a variation of colour options. 

This collection was born from memories Bettina had of her hometown and the things in our lives which have inspired us both through our journeys.





Here are a few snaps from out launch party last night. With thanks to Mezcal Amores, Dash Concept and Micaela Philippo for helping with the success of the launch. 

  1. How would you describe your job?
  • It's been quite an exciting time! I split my time between personal shopping and influencing, and it's been so fun to see how they both work in synergy together. The fashion concierge portion of the business require a lot of proactive thinking and planning, and the influencing side allows me to be a little bit more creative on a personal level.
  1. How did you get into it and what do you love about it?
  • I worked for a fashion concierge company, prior to starting my own company, and there is where I truly learned what it is that I loved doing and it also helped me envision what I wanted in my future company and career. The women I get to meet and work with on a day to day basis, they are what I truly enjoy the most! They are what motivate and drive me each day!


  1. Why did you choose to move to London from Florida?
  • I wish I could tell you there was reasoning behind my move, but I honestly just moved because I wanted to experience something completely different than what I had, throw myself out of my comfort zone, and work towards figuring out exactly what it is that I wanted in a career and in my life, and it all kind of unfolded while I was living here in London.
  1. What inspired this collaboration and collection?
  • Well I have always admired Alona and the work she puts in to anything she touches, whether its her jewellery brand, partner, or friends! She's always believed in me and pushed me and I thought who better to create a collection based around something that's dear to me, my hometown, with someone who is just as dear to me. It was more fun than anything!

  1. What do you love about it? Favourite elements?
  • I love that it's adventurous, as I grew up in a small town where outdoor adventures were how we had any kind of entertainment. I also love that both of our styles show throughout each piece! A touch of Alona, with a touch of Bettina! The colours in the collection make it a bit more playful and emerald green happens to be my favourite colour, as you can see in the Ocala ring. The Back Woods ring has quite a sentimental value to me, as it was named after a memory I have with one of my best friends who passed away in a tragic car accident a few years back. We would always call each other when we heard the song "Livin' Our Love Song" by Jason Michael Carroll. In the song it says "something like this just don't exist, between a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess". I’d pick these two pieces as the Ocala ring is a horseshoe which is meant to bring you good luck and the sentiment behind the Back wood ring that makes me feel like I have him with me at all times when I wear it.
  1. How would you style the pieces?
  • I like a piece of jewellery you can throw on with anything, wear it day to night, throw it in with other pieces you may wear daily!
  1. How would you describe your style?
  • At the moment, feeling this whole cowgirl vibe for sure.


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