Who's wearing what? Here is a round up of our latest sightings...

Chinda styling our Double Piet necklace and Maxbill ring.


Anouk looking stunning, pairs togther our Sirena choker and Athenais necklace, and our Vilmos earrings
Belle form honeybelleworldblog, looking stylish in our Marlow earrings.
Naomi from rossio_style looks great in our Ostreidae and Khemia
Olivia is having a ring party with our Maxbill ring.
Nicole Ballardini style our Piet and Gabrielle and Eyenamour necklaces. As well as our Ostreidea earrings.
Holly looking amazing in our Marlow earrings.
Adrian is looking chic as ever in Marlow earrings, Gabrielle necklace, Ostredia earnings and Adelle bracelet. 
Lauren from fashion_panic styles our Piet necklace.
French blogger Priscilla, pairs together our  Khemia necklace and Gabrielle necklace.
London blogger Jordan, stunning as ever in our Lavoisier earrings and Double Piet necklace. 
Laura is looking gorgeous in our Waverly choker.
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