Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) pushes her baby around in a stylish, yet comfortable outfit complemented with our Jupiter Earrings. Are you as obsessed with it as we are? 

Kylee Campbell (@kyleecampbell) looks stunning on her relaxing and luxurious holiday. She wears our Koa Necklace (keep an eye out, it's coming soon...) repeatedly and with different outfit. This necklace is perfect for every occasion. 


Kelly Gale (@kellygale) has worn By Alona in different occasions, and we can not decide which outfit is our favourite. Her latest feature is our Ava Necklace, a single jewellery piece to create the perfect statement.  

Missy Barbone (@missssayy) is ready for summer with our Bardot Necklace! We assure you that this unique necklace will be your best friend this upcoming summer...


Sarah Solinger (@sarahhsol) has the perfect duo, our Celeste Rhinestone Necklace and Celeste Rhinestone Bracelet! We would not change a thing, she looks elegant, stylish and chic. We know, it's now your favourite combo too... 


Amanda Lougee (@alougee) gets it. She knows that our jewellery is inspired by the lost treasures of the Mediterranean. So yes, basically the Naia Pearl Necklace is for the mermaids. 


Stella Hudgens (@stellahudgens) can not get enough of our Danica necklace, and who can blame her? 


Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) has the perfect outfit featuring our Cleodora Pearl Necklace. Unfortunately this necklace is not available anymore, but if you are obsessed with it, email and I am sure we will find a solution...

Alex Lee-Aillon (@alexleeaillon) wears our Orion Earrings on multiple occasions. She loves them, we love them and if you don't have them yet, go get them. We can assure you that you will also love them. 


Sydney Melman (@sydney_melman) wears fun and fashionable outfits, featuring out Jupiter Earrings and Small Maya Earrings (keep an eye out, they are coming soon...). 



As well as Delaney Childs (@delaneychilds), we are obsessed with our Ad Astra Ring! She says it all... THIS RING!!!

Sierra Brave (@sierrabravee) has the coolest style... Wearing the sexiest outfit, she features our beautiful Ayla Bracelet.


Olivia Terpstra (@0liviagracem) describes our jewellery as incredible, and she looks stunning featuring the Pandora Necklace. Unfortunately this necklace is not available anymore, but if you are obsessed with it, email and I am sure we will find a solution...


Like Lucy Gann (@lucygann), we're obsessed with some of our newest additions, the Danica necklace. A delicate rectangular link chain that features a miniature letter adorned with crystals will be the best item to buy. 


Kerry Pieri (@kerrypieri), Harper’s Bazaar editor, is also enjoying her dainty, perfect for layering, Danica necklace.


Gioia Giustino (@gioiagiustino) featuring our Danica Necklace


Mel Moranelli (@) appreciates the details of our Danica Necklace. Everything is in the detail, and she definitely knows it...

Vivian Hoorn (@vivianhoorn) looks sexy, confident and incredibly stunning in our Celeste Necklace and Celeste Bracelet


Cindy Prado (@cindyprado) wearing our Delphine Ring