We are excited to announce our new collaboration with one of our favourite influencers, Soraya Bakhtiar. Known for her effortless style and love of colour, there is no one better to brighten this season.

Images via @sorayabakhtiar instagram.

The world of Soraya and Alona have collided an created a vibrant trio of necklaces that can be beautifully layered together or worn on their own as colorful lucky protectors.

In Ancient Egypt, eyes were one of the most powerful symbols that were used to ward off evil. Soraya's Egyptian heritage taught her to always wear an eye as a spell of protection. Combined with her love for different textures, prints, and colours and By Alona's love for the eye amulet, as seen in many of her pieces - 'rainbow eyes' necklaces were created.

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Happy shopping! We hope you wear these pieces with love, health and happiness.

Lots of love, Alona & Soraya Xxx