Easter is approaching and we are all looking forward to this upcoming long weekend break that will give us plenty of time to recharge, watch, see, hear and eat everything we want. 
If you are still not sure how to make the most of the long weekend break, we have some for the best Instagram-worthy Easter weekend plans. 
Coordinate your look and your plans, to get the perfect Instagram picture and ensure you have fun, discover new things whilst looking good, and therefore, feeling good. 

Long-weekend away

  Plan the perfect get away weekend and  relax,  enjoy the countryside, escape the city and  spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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Perfect Easter dessert


Mon Dessert has launched a selection of Easter-themed dessert kids. They are definitely a showstopper and are easy to make. Each set comes with simple instructions, pre-weighed ingredients and the perfect Instagram aesthetic.  Create them on your own, with friends, family and kids over the school holidays. 

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Leeds Castle in Kent - The Complete Day Out | Valery Collins

One of the most visited historic buildings in Britain is Leeds Castle. It has been called “perhaps the most photogenic of them all” and “loveliest castle in the world”. Listed in the Domesday Book, this castle has been a Norman stronghold, a royal residence and a royal palace. It's situation is stunning, set on two islands in a magnificent lake, including a maze, a grotto, waterfowl, aviaries and a vineyard. 

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What would be best than having a chocolate cocktail cafe bar? Well, The Chocolate Cocktail Club, is located in Farringdon, serving chocolate twists on classic cocktails for all the chocolate lovers. Their signature cocktail - A Chocoholics Dream - is a vegan friendly must try drink! 

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If you are hosting the Easter celebrations, it will be a wonderful opportunity to lay the table to get the perfect picture. You can use seasonal pastel palettes, floral designs and delicate blooms. From getting the basics right to adding show-stopping finishing touches, your Easter table will definitely feel special.

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