Here at Alona we love being inspired by a range of styles and places, being influenced by culture and travel, and beautiful things. This weeks post focuses on one of our favourites design themes which is of Moroccan influence.

Moroccan interiors express the country's diverse culture through its bright, rich, luxurious and exotic style. We love the symmetry and details of the bold and intricate patterns and how they become apparent when lit up in a room. One of the popular Arabian designs is the lattice pattern; this can be seen throughout many Moroccan fabrics. With cool tiled floors layered with soft rugs, fresh white walls draped with luxurious fabrics and metallic lanterns radiating soft, warm light. This can be complimented with beautifully carved wood, inviting low- seating areas and bold, geometric patterns. 

We love these detailed floor lamps (click on image to shop) for their detailed engraving. 

 We ADORE the decor at the El Fenn riad in Morocco for their hard and soft furnishings;

A kilim rug is a great way to colour and texture, we love this one for is muted tones and red tassels.


Another dream villa we love in Marrakech is the Jnane Villa;

A modern Moroccan look in this Vancluse house in Sydney by DK Interiors;

These interior styles is what has inspired our Hamsa collection with its geometric engraving and evil eye symbol;