We are thrilled to have one of our favourite bloggers, and Vogue contributor, Marina Khoroch, for our latest guest interview. Since inception we have been obsessed with her blog - be warned many afternoons have been spent 'doing work' on her site.

If you haven't yet figured it out, Dbag (short for douche bag) dating, is a series of dating stories, where the best thing to come out of the date is the shocking / funny / unfortunately relatable, with the occasional feel-good happy ending, tale Marina gets to tell. 


1. How did you get started with your blog? What made you want to write it? And have the courage to start?

I always knew I wanted to write. I also always had a penchant for bizarre adventures, as well as compulsive over-sharing! When I moved to Paris, all of these things sort of came together. I was sitting at Café Marly one night, lamenting about my latest dating debacle, when my friend looked at me and said “That’s it. That’s your blog!”

As far as courage? Having good friends who tell you that the rest of the world can f*ck off really helps.


2. You started the blog in Paris and lived there for 3 years, what Parisian influences have you adopted for good and bad..

Living in Paris for three years definitely gave me a confidence boost - I learned to think for myself and stand behind my opinions. Bad habits? I came back a slow snob, but hopefully that’s finally fading.


3. You must have the game pretty sussed by now.. What are you top 3 things to stay away from!

I wish! I pretty much embody Einstein’s definition of insanity, repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results. I would say, stay away from people who have no real interest in your life, who play games and are rude to waiters. This goes for everybody, not just people you’re dating!


#DDTextFail (via Isntagram @Dbagdating)


4. I bet you get to hear great stories - which is your fave post? 

I deleted my most mortifying dating story, which I am still upset about. I think my recent date with a 45-year-old Snapchat erudite nicknamed Papi Mezcal turned out funny, but that's also partially because I love the illustration by Kelcey Vossen!


5. What are you top style tips for a first date? Can you pick and jewellery from the site as an example you would wear?

DO YOU. But do you well. I’m a jeans & t-shirt person to the core, and it took me years to consider that as a viable date look. I have now learned that a low-cut Wang tee, a great jacket and an ankle boot can take you a long way. I also love strong accessories – the ByAlona Kimora ring and the Megan rings are perfect. You can also punch somebody with those, which gives them great added value!



6. As you are living in New York now we get the New York edition, do you think there will another city edition in the future? And what happens when you've found the one?

I would love to do a London edition. (I also have a weakness for British men, which doesn’t hurt!) I doubt I will always be writing about bad dates, but I will probably always have a personal angle in my writing. “The One” will have to be ok with that. He will have to have a good sense of humor!  


7. If you could give any advice to someone wanting to start their own blog what it be?

Pick a niche and stick to it, at least in the beginning – people like to know what to expect. Also, always prioritize quality over quantity. There is a lot of content out there and yours has to be great to stand out!


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Images by Caroline Owens.