What to Wear: 4 EASY OUTFITS

Choosing the right jewellery for your look can make or break an outfit, it's easy to over-accessorise but even easier to under-accessorise. To help you out, we've rounded up some of our key styles this season and staple jewellery pieces to match. 

1. The borrower from the boys

Just because you're dressing like a boy doesn't mean you have to accessorise like one too. When opting for a tailored finish, try layering thin necklaces or chokers to add a feminine touch to a boyish silhouette. Try a pair of sculptural earrings with a blazer to ensure clean yet statement wearing. 

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2. The modern minimalist 

Minimalism is anything from boring, when accessorising the minimalist keeps keeps her jewellery understated, yet layered aplenty to achieve a modern take.
Refine bold colour palettes to just a few key precious stones to compliment monochrome pieces; think pearls, white sapphires or touches of green agate for instant sartorial success. 

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3. The California Dreamer

The California dreamer is probably deep in thought, already planning her next summer trip or summer adventure. When it comes to accessorising for the occasion, keep the approach free-spirited. Think feminine yet bold accessories with a hint of colour to compliment summer silhouettes. Layer a simple beaded necklace like our Aeolian Bead Choker with an array of delicate pendants for a stylish edge. 

A coloured-lens to finish the look is pretty much essential. 

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4. The Sunday Bruncher

There's no time to be lazy when it comes to Sunday brunch. A weekend break from the work dress code gives you the perfect reason to over-accessorise. Mix-and-match rings on each and every finger and when it comes to earrings, go statement or go home. Don't be afraid to mix tones and stones for the perfect casual yet contemporary vibe. 

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