Here at BY ALONA the ocean is one of our biggest passions and inspirations. We constantly look to the beauty of the sea and its beaches for inspiration behind our latest collections and pieces. 

It comes as no surprise that it is also one of our biggest passions in conserving the sea and making sure it's beauty and life and can be appreciated for future generations to come. 

Now more than ever we need to protect our oceans. Did you know ocean pollution affects more than 817 animal species around the world, a figure that has increased by 23% in the last 5 years alone. Nowadays when we watch the latest wildlife documentary, the thriving beautiful oceans and colourful reefs we so preciously remember are so often updated with images of crumbling dying reefs and piles of litter and rubbish floating adrift in the sea.

Here at BY ALONA we donate 10% of all proceeds of our orders to Ocean conservation charities. Some of the charities we donate to and love their work include...

Ocean Clean Up 

Litter in the ocean tends to end up in large patches in the ocean due to the currant. When left this plastic and debris can seriously damage the oceans ecosystem. 
Ocean clean up works to tackle this by locating the patches and using a cleanup floater system to clear this directly from the ocean floor. This plastic waste is then collected and recycled appropriately. 

Their amazing work means they are on track to remove 50% of the oceans waste within 5 years. 

Ocean Conservancy

We love the work of Ocean Conservancy as this brings a group of volunteers directly to the beach front to help cleanup the beaches and stop litter from trailing into the ocean. They also work at helping the ocean wildlife by educating those visiting and living near the beaches on how to care for the coastlines. 


Greenpeace is one of the biggest and well known charities for caring for the planet, and we admire their hard-work in cleaning up the oceans. 
Greenpeace goes straight to the source and stops unsustainable fishing practices, and argues with big corporations on reducing their plastic 

The 5 Gyres Institute 

You may have heard of the 5 Gyres Institute before, due to their big part in getting microbeads in cosmetics and skincare banned. The 5 Gyres work with companies in a variety of different sectors on research on how to fight pollution and plastic pollution. 

Project AWARE 

Describing themselves as 'where conservation meets adventure' we love Project AWARE for their proactive nature. They use a community of 'adventurers' volunteer scuba divers to go into the ocean directly to clean up litter and conserve wildlife and their habitats. 


There is still much more than needs to be done in conserving our planet but if you are able to donate to any of the above charities it will be a small but vital step that you can take to do your bit for helping our most important resource on earth, the ocean.